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Luciana Severo MONALISA BRASILEIRA Quality

Monalisa Brasileira

70 x 90 cm
acrylic / canvas

Artwork by: Luciana Severo
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Born in Quixeramobim, Ceara State. Since the age of eleven already scribbled the first traces, full of colors and expressions. And with the mother’s encouragement did several courses to enhance your gift. He graduated in law in 1997 and parallel to this, he continued to give his brush strokes as a secondary activity.
Today, art is his profession, his great passion. Dedicated exclusively to the arts. It is through the bright and bold colors, expressing their feelings. Already held several exhibitions between individual and collective, and has won awards in addition to illustrations and publications in decorating magazines and textbooks.
His art has been classified as “contemporary figurative.” It has works spread over various parts of Brazil and the world. His canvases are colorful, rich in poetry, with strong and attractive traits. Bring life, light, color, joy and energy to a space with intimate decor and neutral colors. His palette is not restricted to a few tones. Yellow, blue, red, green, black and purple are united in the search for the best form of expression or translation of emotions and
conflicts common to each of us.


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