quadro 01

Acrylic on Canvas
150 cm x 100 cm

Artwork by: Arnaldo Garcez
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Arnaldo Garcez, artist with international career, after making his artistic training on the original expressionism, from Germany, performed dozens of successful individual exhibitions in various capitals of the world that knew how to appreciate his large, generous and urgent brush strokes. Those brush strokes sometimes are explicit and sometimes purely capture the heart and soul of the urban man and everyday life, longing for expression. His paintings about naked or ultra-sexy-dressed women, musicians and dancers – caught in the heat of the job – and lonely boozers brooding loneliness and seeking for love, are renowned. Despite being an expert designer, he is not intimidated by the accuracy of contours and designs. The dynamic of the ink, combined with emotion, is his limit that some times shows itself held and others pours and contaminates adjoining lands. Due to his high significance in this scenario – needless to say he is also multimedia, as he is a poet and a well-known writer as well. To sum up, taking the risk of plagiarizing myself, I will say it is always good to remember that if the “globais” soap operas mirror themselves at the everyday human; nothing more coherent that art directors of that channel repeatedly appeal to Garcez’s creations to suitable scenarios.

Alexandros Papadopoulos Evremidis,
Art Critic


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